Boards, me again

As far as I understand the ideas of boards, as part of the “Board” block edition, regeneration is used to generate a new layout.

To update the current layout, there are instances with the “Refresh” option and possibly adding new elements “Add Content”.

Regeneration is basically forcing all of the above with a change of layout including.

Why is it not working? - Apart from regeneration which can damage the whole page of the blog?

For months, posts have appeared about the fact that it does not work well, is there a chance that you will improve it?

Hi @ampersand - thanks for making an issue for that - I do know that there are plans to improve boards in general and streamline some of their functionality, as well as address some of these bugs. :+1:

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@EvanCooper I tried to trigger this error in the new 9.2, still not perfect but i think it’s a bit better, but maybe it’s a coincidence

Ah that’s good news :+1:

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