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hi there
how would someone know a good addon to make addpointments? eg for doctors, hairdresser etc?

thank you!

I use an appointment booking service that I have embedded in a HTML block
You can check out the following:
They all offer free plans which are very functional

Hope that helps


I thought I was being helpful!
How i this an advert when I’m giving links to 3 competing products? And they aren’t affiliate links.
If you wish, I’m happy to delete the post or for you to delete it.
I don’t mind… I was just trying to help a member of the community since I know how it feels to post something in a community asking for help and nobody acknowledges you

Posts with many external links added a long time after the previous post in a thread are a common signature of spam. Hence the accidental false-positive. Your post is now live again.

thank you both! sorry, i did not see that it was market as spam…
i will most likely go with calendly. i am very grateful for at least one answer! thank you very much!

For a hairdresser we use:

@bigmo I have to admit, moments before someone else spammed your comment I was scrutinizing it as well, but thought it looked legitimate. We do our best to keep the forums clean of spam. Mistakes do happen though. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need help setting it up. I can PM you one of my sites so you can see it in action.

No worries… I run a couple of forums so I know the feeling :smile:
No offense taken

hi bigmo
if i could look at one of your sites, that would be perfect.
thank you very much!