Booking / calendar add on

Are there any simple booking / calendar add on that I missed, nothing via search.

Like I have 3 rooms that users can book 1 month ahead.


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This issue is that there’s rarely a simple approach booking management, even for a single/simple thing being booked there can be lots of rules, exceptions, prices, etc. That’s why there’s quite a lot of third party booking platforms out there, they handle of lot of that complexity, including process payments.

That being said, we have developed in the last year a fairly generic booking add-on for Concrete (V9), one that allows you to specify repeating timeslots into the future and have someone book that timeslot, entering in details, sending notification emails, etc.

It’s currently being used for booking training courses, as well as researching squash courts, but it doesn’t process any payments at this point. It is fairly generic though.

You’re welcome to send a message through to discuss whether we’d be able to handle what you are after.

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Thank you, well right now I have issues updating to the new version, it simply gives me a blank page.
Anyway, there is no money or commercial thing in it sorry. It is for the placement where I live, in the basement for all our apartments we have some rooms that can be used for relaxing/meeting and so free of charge. I thought perhaps, if it is not to complicated, I could set it up, when I find the time.

The challenge here is that this add-on does take a bit of set up in the first place, so perhaps not a good one for me to offer for free at this point, sorry!

From your description of the problem, you may be able to configure something that does a just about good enough job with the built in calendar display and permissions.

Hi Ryan, Alex here. I’m developing a travel website using Concrete & Modena and would like to find out more about the native booking management add-on for V9. Could not detect it on the marketplace website. Could you get in touch please? Thank you, Alex

Hi Alex,

apologies if earlier comment suggested I had something in the marketplace, all I was referring to was that we’d developed our own add-on for a few clients.

Feel free to drop me an email at, happy to discuss what you after and whether we have developed would be a good fit.