Bootstrap version

Hi, I have installed v9.0.2 and when I check the default Elemental theme source it looks like Bootstrap 3 included. It’s not that the v9 use Bootstrap 5 what is written everywhere? Thanks

Elemental was included for back compatibility and remains Bootstrap 3.

The default v9 theme is Atomik, which is Bootstrap 5.

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Allright than. Right after the install when I first see the Atomic theme I liked, but a littlebit later I seen there wasn’t any top navigation, so I just selected Elemental and here we go, there is my navigation, so I thoght the Atomic theme has issues, but later I found that Bootstrap 3 thing. Ok I would like to use Atomik, but why is no top navigation by default, like in Elemental or how can I get it? Thanks!

Atomic has its own dedicated top-bar block you need to add to that area.

Ok, I’ll check it, thanks!

It’s works now, thanks JohntheFish!