Brand Central Installation Error


I’m trying to install Brand Central and I’m getting a broken package error in Concrete. I’m using version 9.1.1 of Concrete. I’ve tried both the master version and 0.6.8. Any suggestions?

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Hi @kcmelink
What is the exact error broken package error? I’ll ask Engineering about installation and 9.1.1 Brand Central.

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Hi Jes,
Thank you for your help. I took a screenshot of the error and I get the same for either version.
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How are you adding the package? The handle shouldn’t be brand_central-master.

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i Just downloaded this from github. After unzipping you have a folder named brand_central-master with all of the package files inside it. I believe this folder should be renamed brand_central (remove -master) and it should work


Thank you so much enlil for your help. I removed -master and it installed without a problem.

Thanks @enlil ! I’m so used to Composer that I didn’t even think about GitHub changing the name to include the branch. Makes perfect sense, though.


I am trying to get this set up but get the following error when trying to add collection.
i have downloaded and installed the master version.

Argument 2 passed to Concrete\Core\Express\Form\Validator\AbstractValidator::validate() must be an instance of Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Entry or null, int given, called in /home/xxx/ on line 54

I have tried with 9.1.1 and also 9.2.1.


Hi Colin,
Did you ever figure this out? I get the same error in 9.1.3… I assume Brand Central is not compatible with 9.1 yet.


I gave up after trying various versions of Concrete/Brand Central. There were way too many bugs and it would have required quite a bit of work. It was really just for me to see if it was of use to some of my clients and I may have another look when I have some spare time.