Brand new Concrete5 v9 installation broken

Hi everyone,

I deployed the latest version of Concretecms on a root server with PHP 8.2.7 and Nginx. OS is Debian 12. I have full root access and did all the webserver configuration myself. I set up a new database and gave the database user full access. Then I deployed Concretecms in /var/www/domain/html, set all permissions, ran composer install and installed the CMS via my domain. I’ve set up IP and password protection with Nginx. However, the fresh installation seems to be broken. I can login, but I can’t access the dashboard or import my bought framework (zip) or even edit the site. Does someone have a suggestion what’s going on? Thank you!

It happing due to misconfigurations with permissions, database settings, or the installation process itself. Please troubleshoot these areas and reviewing error logs may help identify and resolve the issue.