Broken Legacy Links & Marketplace Filters Borked

In my recent travels, most of the concrete5 links (by far the largest Google results are legacy). lead to 404 not found errors.

Especially if you try it in a new Private Window, Brave, Tor Browser.

Things like How to Upgrade Concrete5 took a VERY long time to load.

Maybe the servers were being updated, so this was just my experience at the time.

If I set any marketplace filters (such as recent & free), clicking on page 2 or next, the filters are disregarded.

None of these can be good for concrete CMS in the future…

When are profiles going to show their addons/themes?

I understand growing/changing pains, but none of this can be good for concrete CMS, nor developers!

@jasteele12 as the website was restructured, there are inevitably some locations that slipped through the cracks. We’re monitoring analytics and implementing redirects regularly to reduce the number of 404s. If there are any that you need implementing ASAP, feel free to report them here.

Regarding the load time of the documentation site, I’m not seeing a slow page load time. If you’re on Tor, that’s going to be slower.

For the marketplace filters, thanks for reporting that. I’ve made a ticket to get that fixed.

Currently the only list of marketplace extensions can be found but I’ll advocate for adding that to the profiles.

A developer’s addons/themes used to be listed in their profile.

This is an important section to reinstate as it was the only way of finding out what addons/themes a particular developer provided.

A typical buyer behaviour and a practice I have always advocated for buyers considering an addon/theme:
Find an addon. Check developer for other addons. See what reviews/issues they have on other addons to gauge general developer capability and support (as opposed to specific to one addon).

You can’t do this without

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