Browse Server and Sitemap not appearing in CKEditor with multisite enabled

I am setting up a new site which needs to be multisite. Adding a content block, I want to add a link, but the usual “Browse Server” and “Sitemap” buttons don’t appear in the CK Editor dialog. Is there a permission I need to set? Multisite requires advanced permissions so I wonder if I need to add one?

I just had this problem too, go to /index.php/dashboard/system/basics/editor make sure the global drop down is set for the domain in question and that the first two checkboxes under Concrete Extensions are checked, they probably will be, and even if they are click Save at the bottom of that page. I cleared my cache after that too, but not sure you need to. That fixed it for me.

Thanks. I visited those pages for each site, and I noted that the checkboxes were on, but I clicked save anyway - and that does indeed appear to have fixed it!