Browser behavior


May be it is because I am new to this game, but I have noted some strange difference in behavior when working in the backend between FireFox and Chromium (Linux version of Chrome)

I have a lot of tables on my old site which are very tedious and time consuming to construct.

I have found in FireFox I can just copy and paste (using control V) and tables render exactly the same as in my old site.


If I try the same way in chromium I get only the figures and no formatting see the bottom table below


This seems very strange to me. I have also noticed that if I copy and paste the text from my old website into Chromium (control +V). I can reformat the text. If I do the same exercise in FireFox I cannot reformat the text. This is probably do to something with the control + V method. I can solve the problem with the text in FireFox by pasting into a text editor first then copying again, which I understand gets rid of the formatting information. So maybe control + V in Chromium pastes unformatted text and Firefox pastes formatted text ???

Lastly I cannot make tables in the text editor in the backend, I don’t know if this is a bug in the CK Editor or not. If I try to insert a 3 row 2 column table I just get a box. Whatever I try I cannot get make tables.

This not an immediate problem for me, as long as my table from my old sight copy and render properly I don’t need to make new tables.

Has anyone else note these difference in behavior between browsers ?

Hi @alaneku - interesting observation.

So first thing to get you moving - I would click over to the “Source” edit and paste in the table HTML just to make sure it stays consistent between browsers and you’re not relying on CKEditor to interpret the pasted information correctly between browsers, because I’m sure there could be quirks between browsers, particularly Chromium on Linux.

As for the not being able to make a table, that’s interesting. Can you let me know what version of Concrete / PHP you’re running on so I can check it out?


Thanks for tip of the source copy and paste it works, but so far I have done a lot of tables using Firefox and CK editor, they all render ok in FireFox, Chromium and Opera and they also work well on my Galaxy smartphone. I have no idea what Microsoft uses these days, but I think if my memory serves me well it is base on Chrome ?

This is first time I have used CKEditor, before I have always use TinyMCE. One thing I have learnt is that CK Editor does not cope very well when mixing text with images and tables all in one window. It seems better if only the table is pasted into one window. Then I put the images into different blocks/containers - this seems to maintain layout across browsers and mobile platforms.

Concerning the situation of not being able to make tables in CK Editor. First I am using Concrete 9.1.3 and php 8.1
I have a production version of my site on my hosting company’s set up and I have 3 versions on my computer localhost (again Concrete 9.1.3 and php 8.1) which I use for trying things out and “playing around with potential disasters” :grinning:
CK Editor has the same behavior in all of the versions.

I had a look on CK Editors website to try and find out some info. The sreenshot below from CK Editor 5 website

I only have the small icon in the toolbar shown above, I do not get the drop down shown.

I get what is shown below and however much I try to edit this drop down I always get the same single box.

One last thing that might be of interest to you. When I installed Concrete 9.1.3 on my Hosting Company’s servers they suggested I use the installer “Softaculous” which is in their Cpanel set up. They said it was wonderful and “best thing since sliced bread” and very simple to use. It did not work, I think it is set up for Concrete 8.
I did an FTP install using the native Concrete installer and it worked fine.
So if you have any contact with Softaculous you should tell them to update their scripts :grinning:

Thanks for your help.

As an alternative, you could consider a dedicated block for showing tables.

And my own Universal Content Puller

UCP can do things like show a CSV file as a table.