BUG 9.2.0: Concrete translates my pagetitle from German to English in auto-nav

I am not sure, but I have created a page with
a) the name “Service”
b) SEO-> name “Service”
c) SEO-> URL slug: service
d) location: /leistungen/service
but it seems that Concrete actually translates this “Service” into the German word “Dienst” for the autonav:
The screenshot is from Microsoft Edge Private Mode, but it’s the same in Vivaldi (latest version). Vivaldi does not translate the page.

Fun fact: When I use for SEO->name this, it’s displayed as it is supposed to



But unfortunately …

Ok, I changed the name from “Service” to "Service " where the last space is no space, but an invisible UTF character I took from https://www.editpad.org/tool/invisible-character

All this made me pretty sure, it IS a bug in 9.2.0

Hi there @ong - I know you’re already tracking on this but if you think it’s a legitimate bug go ahead and submit it here. Thanks!