Building own template

Hey guys and gals,
Back in 2016 i did some websites with C5cms, and at that time i was building my own templates, first in HTML, CSS and later PHP.
However that is a long time ago.

Is there any new development in that matter, perhaps YouTube video or something that explains how to build your own template?

I would like to do a responsive template with responsive left off-canvas menu, so i thing building it from scratch is the best way.

Any advice?

/Carsten - Denmark

Creating a custom block template is one of the few things that has not changed since then :slight_smile:
Add you custom template beneath /application/blocks/…
(and the rest is as before)

Hey John
As i see it, from this link below it should have changed somewhat, thus the question about a tutorial of some sort.


That is about bundling a template in a theme. Not about a one-off template in /application.

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Ahhh that is nice to hear. So i should be able to download one of the free themes and find my way around and how it works these days, and hopefully see something familiar