Builtin Parallax custom template not available

According to Concrete documentation: How to add Parallax to a Layout Background with the included Custom Template, the parallax is included in Concrete already. I’m developing a page with Concrete v. 9.1.2, ‘Modena’ theme and parallax custom template is not available in custom template dropdown. Am I missing something? Parallax is not included in the newest version or there is a workaround to use it. Please help.

It’s still there, it’s just in a different place. After you open the “Edit Layout Design” there is a “Block Template” select element that replaces the Custom Template dropdown shown in the documentation page.

Same issue for me. Running latest version in french. Cannot find parallax in any dropdown menu. Any clues ?

Thanks in advance


Yes I can see it is under “Edit Layout design”. Thank you for your help.