Button Link in Atomik Theme

Hi, I have installed the latest V9.x, and used the Atomik Theme. I like how the button links are already designed in the theme that ships with it.

I have put some content blocks on the page that have a paragraph or two of text, and would like to put a button at the bottom of the paragraph that matches that ones that came with the theme. I can’t seem to find a ‘button block’ or a style in the content editor that will create a button/link like the ones in the theme.

The image I attached here is from the default HERO block on the home page, where you can edit the button/link. I am trying to achieve this same thing, but without the hero image etc… Just a simple button/link like in the photo to go on the page.

Can someone direct me on how to do this?

I am away from my desk so can’t check but try adding a link then in the link properties in the classes field add btn or btn btn-primary.

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