C5DK now missing

It’s been a bear, bouncing back and forth between the forum and my host. Pretty much I updated concrete5 to version 9 via softaculous on my c-panel. This latest version wasn’t reflected on concrete5. My host (fastcomet) said the update had occurred but did two other things according to the developer documentation followed this:
As it says after the update of the application the following directories/files should be removed:

  • empty the updates directory
  • delete (if it exists) the public_html/config/update.php file

The current version is there (9.0.2) but now C5DK blog add-on is gone.

Do the files for that package still exist in the packages directory on the server? If not, can you re-upload them?

Hello, I looked and C5DK was still in the packages folder. Wouldn’t know what to tell my host what to do with it. I had already told them to restore my site to earlier today. Now I need to know what to tell them to ‘complete’ the version 9 update. The concrete5 config file did say the latest version.

You could try checking for compatibility of your add-ons with ConcreteCMS core versions in the Marketplace:

Hi Pamrights2,

As I already told you in PM, we have a version 9 of our blog package in beta test at the moment. I could give you a copy of that (as I also wrote to you).
We will probably release version 9 of our blog package soon after the release of Concrete CMS 9.1.


Hello, the above was put out there before I sent you the pm. Sent another pm! I see version 9.1 is available,. A ballpark time frame when your version 9 is gotta the testing phase? Thanks!

No, it is not yet released, it is only in a release candidate state (RC4).