Cache Warmer... abandoned?

In the support section the button to create a new support message is absent. So that’s probably turned off for this addon. What’s up with that?

But not only that, I cannot actually tell who wrote this addon, the license for it (is it on github???) or anything else. And right now, this version probably works for me, but I was going to ask when this will get v9 support.

For all these things, and more, can anyone tell me what’s going on with this addon? Or was Cache Warmup functionality added to v9? (I haven’t worked with v9 yet due to incompatible themes holding me back)

The developer retired from Concrete. In such situations, they are asked to donate their work to the community. Hence the concrete_community tag. The files are moved to the concrete community github account Concrete Community · GitHub and its then up to any interested community member to maintain with pull requests.

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Yay nice! Thanks for the insights :slight_smile:

I also use that concrete5-community organization to publish some of the open source extensions and utilities I write.
That way, they have some more visibility and users don’t have to rely on just one person (see for example docker5 or acme).

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Your work is appreciated! Thanks!

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