Calendar - Event list Calendar - The list of events is broken since April - are there any fixes?

Shows events from 2028 or other (although there are no such dates in the system), and does not react to changes.

Zrzut ekranu 2023-04-29 230439
Zrzut ekranu 2023-04-29 232323

I was sure that April’s comments on calendar bugs were also about this - @frz mentioned them 9.2 ta-da! What else doesn't work in 9.2
Calendar block, no calendar entities load · Issue #11414 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub
so I let it go, but even those bugs weren’t handled.

You talk everywhere about the calendar as something extra that is in the system out of the box, but it seems that something that has been weak for years has now been broken.
It’s weak. may not matter to most sites.
e.g. If someone runs a hobby site, maybe it’s edible.
For a school or charity that relied on keeping a daily calendar, this is a fatal mistake.

It’s June - the end of June in fact - has anyone noticed this error?
Does anyone else use a calendar?
Is it just me who gets this error after upgrading to 9.2?

@ampersand I’ve just checked the event list block on a 9.2 site I have running locally and it works as expected. Can you provide some more details to reproduce this?

@Myq hmmm. Interesting.
Will try to recreate it in a different environment. I disabled this module after the errors appeared, but I admit that I did not delve into what could have happened.

Now I’ve taken a look at those dates and the calendar itself, and I’m seeing some strange things.

  • It turned out that in these production pages, there are indeed such distant dates, but I have no idea where they came from … (The school can’t plan a year in advance, so the calendar was set to the end of this school year - now it is 2028).
  • Similar situation with the other side - some random date from the future.
  • Could something have happened with the repeatability of events?

In the module ‘event list block’ itself, it turns out that I can probably display the expected order by reversing it - Was there any change in 9.2?

Thanks for checking and the tip

When anything to do with dates goes wrong, I start by questioning translation between date formats and timezones. Not saying that is what is happening here. I don’t have a clue what is happening here. But format translation is where I would start digging.

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Thanks @JohntheFish, thanks @Myq I’ll take a look at it.
For now, I’ve decided to rewrite the calendar for the school and set it to reverse display.

It’s a poor solution, but since it works… I’m closing the thread

Anyway, thanks for the tips.