Can V8.5.4 on MariaDB 10.6 or 10.11

My clients are running V8.5.4 and their host has told them they are upgrading all cPanel servers currently running MariaDB 10.3.

They are upgrading initially to version 10.6, with the aim to upgrade to 10.11 early next year.

Do you think this will be an issue?

Due to the way the previous Devs butchered this site and the core it wont be possible to upgrade the site, so our hands are tied.

Highest MariaDB version I have sites on is 10.5, but that is with Concrete v9.

I have quite a few clients using possibly the same host you are referring to that have just been sent their upgrade notifications too. They run on various versions of Concrete CMS and so it would be good to see if this will be an issue.

I have just checked another client’s host who are running on MariaDB 10.6 with a very old V5.6 website and everything is running fine.