Cannot add Calendar to page

Hello! I am using ConcreteCMS v9.2.1 with PHP 8.1, fresh install. I created a new Calendar and when I try to add it to the Calendar page, I cannot select my newly created Calendar. Even though I have 2 calendars created, I cannot select one. I see no errors in the server log or client side. Help Please!

Joaquin Valdez

Here is more information. The problem appears to be the concrete-select tag is not being processed to generate the proper html for a select tag with options. When I view the source of the generated page from the problem install this is what I see:

<concrete-select name="caID" :options="{&quot;&quot;:&quot;** Select a Calendar&quot;,&quot;3&quot;:&quot;RHM&quot;}">

When I view the source from a working install of ConcreteCMS, I see the following:

  <select name="caID" id="tomselect-1" tabindex="-1" class="tomselected ts-hidden-accessible"><option value="1">
        </option><option value="2">
        </option><option value="">
            ** Select a Calendar

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Hi @joaquinvaldez - that’s curious. Are you able to recreate this on a test site here?

If you’re able to, then this would be a good thing to submit as an issue here. And then development folks in the community can take a look at how that might be fixed.