Cannot login as SuperUser

I only have 1 user in the system, it is the SuperUser. When trying to login I get this message:

  • Unable to complete action: your IP address has been banned. Please contact the administrator of this site for more information.

Have waited more than 15 mins to retry, same message.
Table IpAccessControlRanges is empty so cannot delete the record.
CMS Version is 8.5.7

Tried resetting password, says it was updated, but still same message.


As a note, changing the password says successful, but it does not appear to update the database:

uPassword and uLastPasswordChange are the same as before the update.


So, I was looking at the wrong database. Reset password was working fine.

In 8.5.7 I cannot find IP BlackList/WhiteList

Had to manually add a record to table IpAccessControlRanges to get logged in again. Problem solved.

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