Cannot remove Permission fault/error thrown on my website

Hello, I was updating site from 8.5.7 to 9.1.2 and the site broke. I had notification:
ReflectionException (-1)

Class Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\MarketplaceKey does not exist.

Unfortunately I do not know how to correct this. I have contacted host who cannot do it either and read hundreds of questions in the forum. It stops me using site.


You will need to revert to backup, code and database, to your last functioning 8.5.7.

Then update to 8.5.latest (likely 8.5.10 or 8.5.11, depending on resolution of some inconsistent information on the download page). Probably best to wait it until the 8.5.latest confusion is cleared up.

Then try again.

Thanks for this John but unfortunately looking at the backup, it is exactly the same error throwing up.

The marketplace integration broke some time in 8.5.whatever when was refactored.

This caused an error which should have been survivable, except there was a secondary error in the error reporting.

The fix for the secondary error on the 8.5.x branch was Avoid class::method error in marketplace update by JohntheFish · Pull Request #10439 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub

You could try patching your 8.5.7 code and see if that gets you running again.

OK, thanks John. I’ll try that.

Where would I patch this.

You can edit or replace the corresponding file in the /concrete/ directory. You wouldn’t normally do that, but in this case it is safe because when you subsequently update to 8.5.latest the change will be in the update anyway.

Thanks everyone for your help. This has been resolved. My thanks to TM Designs