Canonical URL

UPDATE: Resolved but with question.
I turned off the Cache and it seems to have resolved the issue. I had cleared the cache a number of times, though. How do I delete the Cache manually?

My new Concrete site is working well. Getting used to the new environment. But I have one issue with the Canocical URL.

I attempted to share a page to Facebook and it returned a 404.
I went to the Facebook scrapper and found this:

|Input URL →
|302 HTTP Redirect → Virginia beach Martial arts and combative training

This is acutally the path that my system lives in.
I have contacted my hosting company and they have checked their system, nothing is redirecting.
I have looked in the pages and the Canonical is set to

I have even set a redirect in my .htaccess file to try to resolve this. It works but the 404 canonical still exists.

Is there anywhere in the code, or database where, durring install this would have been set?

Hi @seanc21 - re: deleting cache manually, I believe it lives at /application/files/cache - though clear cache in the dashboard should do the trick.

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