Can't find class on production sever - how do i troubleshoot

Ultimately my question is - how do i troubleshoot this class not found message.

So I have a development site and production site. Both are running v9.3.2

In my development site, everything runs fine.

When i move it to production, i get the error: "Class “RavidGitPackageUpdater\Upater not found” triggered from the line that initiates a call to the class -

$updater=new \RavidGitPackageUpdater\Updater($gitHubUser,$gitHubRepo,$pToken,$currentVersion,$pkgPath);

It works great on my devel machine.

The class is stored in a file called updater.php stored my [package]/src directory.

In my package controller I have
protected $pkgAutoloaderRegistries = array(
‘src’ => ‘\RavidGitPackageUpdater’

the namespace of my class is: namespace RavidGitPackageUpdater;

How do i troubleshoot this? This is really bizzare.

Any time I’ve had something working locally, but then on production I can’t find a class, it’s because I’ve gone from a case-insensitive platform to a case sensitive one, and I’ve mixed up the capitalisation of my folders or files.

In your case, I think it’s because you’ve got lower case update.php instead of Updater.php

Mesuva - thank you so much for posting your response. That was exactly the problem. I was trying to think what was different about the two environments and although didn’t think about it, you’re right switching from windows (case insensitive) ->linux (case sensitive) is at the top of the list.

Appreciate your help.