Can't link project page to website

I’ve used C5 for years to build my websites and it was always much easier than this in the past.
Siteground who host my websites have loaded C8.5.5 which comes with Elemental theme onto my new domain. I’ve bought a different theme and assigned it to my newly created project in C5, but now I’m trying to connect this project to the website so I can install the theme I’ve bought. I’ve copied and pasted in the ID and Secret where asked but then it says I need to install 8.5.6+? If I go to “update C5” in my C5 Dashboard it says there are no updates available?! There are no release notes beyond 8.5.5 which suggests I already have the latest version of Concrete.
How do I do an update that doesn’t seemingly exist in order to connect my website to the project in order to install my new theme?
How do I otherwise link my project created in Conc Community to the website so I can use the theme and other add-ons I may want to use in future? Thanks.
It doesn’t make sense.

Hi @RogerM
Try using firefox. That should do the trick. There’s a fix coming.
If that doesn’t do it, go ahead and follow up here and we will help get you connected.

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Hi @jessicadunbar . Thanks for the suggestion but using Firefox made no difference. I tried deleting the old project and re-creating it so everything was done in Firefox and I still get the same error and inability to link the website to the project when I copy /paste the ID and secret.

Hi @jessicadunbar. Where do we go from here? I’d really like to crack on with building my website today/over the weekend when I put aside time to do so. How do I get the new theme working? Thanks.

You will need to do a manual install. In your concrete account, find the theme in your Purchase History > Licenses and download. Make sure to scroll down to the most recent version before downloading.

Then copy the zip to your site /packages/ directory and unzip.
(not /concrete/packages !!!)

In your site, visit the Dashboard > Extend page and the theme package will be ready to install.

If you are frequently doing manual install of packages, my Package Magic addon can save a lot of hassle (but you will need to manually install that first :smiley: ). Package Magic comes in 2 versions:


Hi @JohntheFish.
That’s great - thank you so much! It worked exactly as you said so I can do some building now!

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