Can't login to concrete

I have a concrete installation that I built using InMotion’s address as a temporary address, as my client’s web site was being hosted elswhere. : They pointed the nameservers to InMotion’s DNS address earlier today, and the site seems to be resolving to http://xxxx (after getting the “This site is not secure” message). But I can’t login to concrete, as it redirects the login back to the vps32974 address and I get a “Page Not Found.” That happens whether I try to login from the vps address or the site name address. Any help would be most appreciated. Is there a way to force the login to the site address? (Or is the domain still not fully resolving to the new server, and I should wait a bit…?) Thanks! I have done this successfully before, but I don’t remember what it took to get back into concrete.

I’m use inmotion as well. If they just set the nameservers earlier today that may be the issue. I seem to recall needing to wait almost 24 hours for things to happen in the past…

Thanks for the reply. That seems to be the case.

Make sure the site.php file in your application>config>generated files (can’t remember the actual file path but you’ll find it) folder has the new URL.

Clear you cache manually by deleting the cache folder in the application>files folder