Celebrating FOSS Month - Share Your Favorite Open Source Gems!

It’s Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Month! So, let’s get this conversation started! What are your favorite FOSS projects and why? It could be anything from a tiny tool that makes your day just a bit better, to a massive framework that your entire workflow depends on.

I’m super curious to hear what’s out there from your experiences. Plus, it’s a great way for us all to discover some new tools and maybe even find a new favorite.

  1. Leantime.io - This is a new one I’m looking at. A project management tool that’s caught my eye for its lean approach and comprehensive features tailored for neurodiversity. Anyone else exploring Leantime?
  2. Matomo - I’m also loving the privacy-centric world of Matomo for web analytics. It’s a powerful alternative for those of us who prioritize data ownership and privacy.
  3. Concrete CMS - And, of course, there’s no overlooking the platform we’re all using right now. :heart:

Looking forward to your responses!

Cheers to FOSS Month! :tada:

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Concrete CMS of course.

Just getting started with it on a new travel articles section on Travel Notes, but like what I see so far.

Is this forum a Concrete ‘Extension’?

Modx is another open-source CMS, that I tested on Meta-Travel Tips and Trips.

Interestingly, their forum looks identical.

So I just answered my forum question - Discourse.

Time to look into that.

YOURLS - for URL Short links - https://tnot.es/SL.

I was thinking about Matomo for stats, although Open Web Alalytics is another one to consider.

I’m also looking into Open Source photo gallery. Maybe Piwigo. Haven’t tried it yet.

Drupal - Just seems too complicated.