Change the background of one page (not sitewide)

I use the very last Concrete sms version (9.6? don’t know how to see this), atomic style sheet.
I already created a small site with Concrete and like it. Also fan of free open source software :slight_smile:
Now I want to setup a more advanced site.
First thing I would like to do is change one page background if possible an image, else at least a color, but I don’t know where to clic to get the change block options (or similar).
any help?

You could create a new pagetype in your theme and use that pagetype just for this one page.
When you have created the new pagetype just hardcode the background.

Ok, thanks. So no direct solution.
I was expecting something manageable by a site admin (without server access) :frowning:
Will see

@jdd You could also allow your admins to change the background image by wiring an image/file page attribute to the background. Then each page of this type could have it’s own background image…

Bear in mind that a full page background on can be a heavy download, so there is more to doing it efficiently than just putting a hi-res image into the page template.

What is configurable in ‘page design’ depends very much on your theme and what the theme developer decided to make configurable in the page design menu. The easiest no-code solution would be to look for a theme that provides what you require, either in page design or with a theme specific full page background block.

If you can’t do that and can do a bit of CSS, you can add a header extra content attribute to the page and set the background in CSS. Setting a colour would be trivial. For an image, doing so would result in a hard coded URL to the image.

A more configurable solution would be to add an image or content block, set the background image on that, then use the CSS to make the image overlay the page. It would also likely need some z-index adjustment and maybe some javascript (in your header extra content attribute, or in a custom block template) to move the content in the DOM and have the page overlay the image.

All doable without server access, but do require some code knowledge.

In the marketplace there are addons that provide full page background or full page background sliders and videos. A slider or video with 1 slide or frame is effectively the same as a single image. Some free and some paid.

For a bigger choice, there are more v8 addons that have not been updated for v9 and php8, but could be got running on v9 with a bit of code.

I have seen the addon, and it would fill my needs, but it’s quoted “This documentation is not for the most recent release version of Concrete CMS”, is it however usable? there seems to have very little for concrete 9.x :frowning:
I don’t need hires images.
The “page header” image of the “Atomik” theme fills all the browser screen, I don’t need more, but I would like to have it for all the page, not the header :-).
enlil, how can I “wiring an image/file page attribute to the background”?
I’m the admin of the site, so I can add some things to the CSS (if not too much), specially if it allows my users to change the image and if it survives the updates :-).

may be a solution: I can install a concrete 8.x version, is this safe? I don’t find the answer on the concrete cms web site :frowning:


It is likely that a v8 addon will break under php8. You will need to update some of the code.

oh… I know it’s not (should not be) very complicated, but if the initial dev didn’t do it it may be too much for me.
php8 is pretty old, now??

a simple solution as @JohntheFish wrote is to add a ‘Header Extra Content’-Attribute for that page and add

body {background-color:rgb(17, 0, 43);}

use your rgb or hex color

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yes, but where do I do this? is it on the web interface or directly in the files (and what file?)?

In your main cms-toolbar click on the cog icon, then go to Attributes and choose +Header Extra Content. It will add a field where you enter the given code and save changes. Go back to your website, approve changes and reload the page.

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OK, found. I may add some interesting things there

OK, thanks, this opens new field for me
very good answer. Sorry not to have understood this earlier.
thanks again