Change Top Navigation Bar levels version 9.02

Hi people!
I’m new-ish to Concrete5! I’ve just installed version 9.02 and it looks great. I need the Top Navigation Bar to go 3 levels deep at the moment I only get 2 levels on the Atomik theme. could anyone let me know what I need to change to achieve this?
This is what i’m trying to get to

Level1 (home)
o Level 2 (home/something)
oo Level 3 (home/something/other)

Many thanks

Inspect the attributes of the parent page and make sure the ‘Exclude Sub-Pages From Nav’ is NOT ticked, see the below image.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my query!
I have check the attributes of all pages and ensured the ‘Exclude Sub-Pages From Nav’ isn’t ticked. But still no joy. This is why I think the level is fixed (set) somewhere in some configuration file or it is a bug.
Have yu tried with a structure like mine?

From a standard 9.0.2 install with the atomik theme I get multiple depths on the top nav bar, see the image…

@ConcreteOwl Thank you so much for all your efforts.
I can see on your screen shot, that’s just 1 level from “Home”. My issue is that the depths is just one more from what’s on your screen shot.

I tried a different theme and that works (for the navigation)… but on the Atomik theme, it doesn’t show me anything more than 2 levels.

A screenshot showing the required behavior using a different theme


This is what I get with Atomik theme clean… I have no add-ons or other themes

And here is the sitemap to show the depths I’d like to achieve on the nav


Having the same issue. Looking at the code it looks like the top bar nav block simply wasn’t designed to support 3 levels deep.

I too think this is a missing feature and would like to see a 3rd level added as a template option.

Like the example here…

Definitely worth submitting a Feature Request here:

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