Changed servers - what to update?

I have an old CC5.7 site that was moved to a new server in the same provider. The websites no don’t load, just show white, where old HTML pages still load. What files do I need to review to see where the issue may be, and what might be the issues I’m looking for?

Have you tried clearing the cache folder?

check the logs for PHP errors. Perhaps your PHP version was bumped to 7 or 8 from 5.x? If that’s the case, you’ll need to update the codebase to support that.

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Thanks - I went straight to cPanel and downgraded the PHP version as it was on the highest by default. I found 7.1 was the highest version the site would work with. I have a lot of legacy content and an old gallery plugin that still works a treat. I didn’t want to rebuild the entire site/s. I since discovered editing requires PHP 5.6.