Changing active skin

I am using Elemental theme on Concrete5 9.2.1

When editing a page → Page Settings → Design → Customize I can see several skins, but I do not know how to switch my website to another skin.

I cannot seem to find an option anywhere to select a different skin. Not per page, not in the page templates, not in the Themes options.

How to switch the entire website to a differen skin?

I found that the Atomik theme DOES have a skin selector in Dashboard > Pages & Themes > Themes.

However Elemental does not support that, and only has design PRESETS (which is different from SKINS).

To switch, I replaced the file concrete/themes/elemental/css/presets/defaults.less with a new one.

Still, there is no answer to be found about how to switch these presets.

I believe presets were deprecated in v9 in favor of skins, so the interface you’re looking for to configure presets would only be present in v8.

The Elemental Presets work just fine in V9
Here is a screenshot of one preset

Here is another preset

And here is the effect of a theme reset

Using Version 9.2.1