Changing top level page with lower level page

In the development of a site I mixed up the about-us page with the home page ( I was tired ) . I need to swap the order of the pages as viewed in the sitemap. As it stands now my Home Page is under the About-us page and this page has the blue house to the right. I tried to drag and drop but it seems to only want to merge the two pages.

I am working with Concrete version 9.2.4

Thank you

I made a copy of the page in the sitemap, copied each block to the clipboard and then went to the home page, deleted all the content and pasted block-by-block lol was a little time consuming but couldn’t find an easier way.

You can replace the contents of a page with the contents of another page with a simple drag-and-drop in the sitemap page.

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Thank you. I appreciate the response - added the extra text due to the 20 character requirement. Apparently the system thinks more is better than less :wink: