Checkbox AddOn?

Hello all,

does anyone know an extension where the logged in user can e.g. click on one or more checkboxes on a page, which was then also saved for this user on this page?

This checkbox should be able to be included several times on the page.

For illustration I have attached a picture, how I imagine it.

I haven’t found anything for my Concrete5 9.1.3 yet.

To explain: On my website, people can learn X-ray settings. On each page there are different levels or points that you can work through. I would like to offer the registered users the possibility to check off this task or setting when they have learned it. And for this I would like to offer such a checkbox that is placed behind each setting.
Obviously, this information should be stored in the database for the respective user.

You could implement this with any forms system, the core express forms or addons such as my Form Reform.

The catch would be that with any forms system after ticking all the checkboxes on a page the user would need to click a ‘save’ button to submit the form.

As to which forms system to use, it depends a lot on what you want to do with the data (the list of boxes checked), where to save it, how to aggregate it, who to notify, any error conditions such as ‘You need to check everything and you missed one’.

It also depends on how you can arrange the form inputs amongst or alongside the sections. With Form Reform that part would be simply adding the blocks for a checkbox in the places you wanted them. Form Reform - Concrete CMS. With other forms systems you may need to do a bit of work or compromise on where the checkboxes are located.

A full forms system is a bit of an overkill for something as basic as this. Depending on what you want to do with the data, it wouldn’t take a developer long to build an application from scratch, but unless you found an exceptionally cheap developer doing so would build up to more.

Thanks @JohntheFish,

your form reform has already helped me a lot. With the radio buttons I could then enable a storing selection.
In addition, I have in the submitted forms a control who of the users has already learned what.
Thanks a lot

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