Choice of https:// or https://www. on auto installer

Using Webuzo from Softaculous to install Concrete Version 9 on Cent OS 7.
In loading concrete CMS on a VPS I was asked if I want to install it on
https:// or
It doesn’t seem to be critical.
I believe it is better without the www these days.
So that is how I am going to install it for now.
Any suggestions, confirmations, thoughts, or comments.
This is one of the few questions asked by the auto installer…

Its a safe bet either way. I almost never use the www.

Agreed with Enlil, it’s mostly preference. The www is needed when IT teams have internal host files and map IPs to names. Whatever you choose, stick with it and be consistent.
Here’s an article from Mozilla Choosing between www and non-www URLs - HTTP | MDN

So I installed it without the WWW, just https://: Concrete CMS Version 9 on one site called with no sample data and with sample data using version 9. I expect to go slowly and see where it leads. Thanks again to enlil and jes for your replies. …Steve…