Choose File for Gallery Sucks

Ok this IS funny…

My system did NOT produce thumbs… ok …BUT…
Here it CAN produce ONE, and THIS one is a broken file with 0 kb … :rofl:

NOT so funny is the missing CHECKBOX for select ALL !
And sure here as ALSO in the file_Manager need that user CAN also say show ALL or show the amount what he like, in emergency MINIMUM in the URL to set show per page xyz and not only 250 !
some users have hundrettausend or more files to handle ://

And by the way… a Gallery option to set an 0-Z with automated folder generation and filling intelligent on auto will be for a lot of situations a nice feature :wink:

:smiley: He is learning !
Now its 3 thumbs in file list to see :))

AND all files working but sys say have zero KB… :partying_face: I can shrink my server disks by a lot of TB if this is the new normality… :rofl:

HELP s0s …

Looks like thumbnails are not being generated. Are there any log entries about that?