Choosing which URL is being used when selecting a file in the "content" block

I am using the “Content” block to display text and links to my files. Whenever I want to create a hyperlink to a file I want it to open this file instead of automatically download these files.

When I click on the “Browse Server” button the file picker opens up and I select my file. But the File picker automatically picks the Tracked URL of my file:

So this always downloads the file. Even when the “force download” is turned off in the “advanced” section.

Does anyone know what causes this issue? And how to resolve this?

I don’t have that problem, it works for me on Concrete 9.2.4. What type of file is it? If your browser is not configured to open it it will always download. For instance if it’s a zip file, it will always download no matter what.

Yes, I understand. But unfortunately that’s not the case. The file in this case is a PDF. And as you can see in the image the result after selecting the PDF is a URL with /download_file in the url.

As you can see in the image below, my files have two different URLs. And after selecting a file in the content block the 2nd URL is being used (Tracked URL). Which is the download url. But I need to use the first URL

the url is actually download_file/view, the same I have and it works for me.
Since you’re using a PDF file, maybe check your browser’s settings. Browsers can be forced to always download PDF files for security reasons.
In Chrome go to chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments

Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction. I have fixed the issue. Turns out the download_file.php was configured to always force download the files.