"Class 'Zend\Http\Client' not found"

Hello All,

I am in a process of upgrading concrete to 9.1 version but getting error 1. “Class ‘Zend\Http\Client’ not found” on one of the page

Any one has idea on how to resolve it?

Thank You! :slight_smile:

Maybe one of the packages or a custom template using the Zend Client library, but Zend Client dropped since version 9. You can’t add the Zend Client library by yourself if your PHP version is 8.x, because it doesn’t support PHP8. Please enable debug mode to find which package calls Zend library.

Yes, seems likt the custom block is using the Zend Client, can you please help and let me know how it can be replaced? May be a documentation or something you can provide me?

Thank You! :slight_smile:

This older thread comment should still be relevant: