CLI install crashes on meaningless error

I am installing with the command line. I clone the repo, run compose, make db, fix perms, etc., then execute the following:

concrete/bin/concrete5 c5:install \
--db-server "" \
--db-username "blah" \
--db-password "blahblah" \
--db-database "blahblahblah" \
--site "BlahBlah" \
--starting-point "atomik_full" \
--admin-email " \
--admin-password "bl8h" \
--timezone "America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires" \
--language "en_US" \
--site-locale "en_US"

but I get an error…

22%: Installing permissions & workflow.

In Key.php line 519:
  Undefined array key 1  

c5:install [--env ENV] [--allow-as-root] [--db-server DB-SERVER] [--db-username DB-USERNAME] [--db-password DB-PASSWORD] [--db-database DB-DATABASE] [--timezone TIMEZONE] [--site SITE] [--canonical-url CANONICAL-URL] [--canonical-url-alternative CANONICAL-URL-ALTERNATIVE] [--starting-point STARTING-POINT] [--session-handler SESSION-HANDLER] [--admin-email ADMIN-EMAIL] [--admin-password ADMIN-PASSWORD] [--demo-username DEMO-USERNAME] [--demo-password DEMO-PASSWORD] [--demo-email DEMO-EMAIL] [--language LANGUAGE] [--site-locale SITE-LOCALE] [--config CONFIG] [--attach] [--force-attach] [-i|--interactive] [--ignore-warnings]

Key.php appears to be concrete/src/Permission/Key/Key.php, and it is crashing on the empty query

 "select pkID, pkName, pkDescription, pkHandle, pkCategoryHandle, pkCanTriggerWorkflow, pkHasCustomClass, PermissionKeys.pkCategoryID, PermissionKeyCategories.pkgID
from PermissionKeys
inner join PermissionKeyCategories on PermissionKeyCategories.pkCategoryID = PermissionKeys.pkCategoryID"

Any ideas or suggestions?


Hi @ ntisithoj - can you confirm what PHP version and Concrete version you’re using?

It sounds like you’re potentially using PHP 8 on a Concrete version that doesn’t support it.

That sounds reasonable. Is there s plan to support PHP8 in the near future? Not a critical issue; just curious. BTW, the site works fine in PHP8. just the CLI install doesn’t work

I would imagine so - you might post an issue here and if it’s something that’s been resolved or will be resolved soon, you should get some feedback to that effect: Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub