Comic Sans

How can I add “Comic Sans MS” back to version 9 ?
I’ve got a couple of sites using it and would hate to change


This video explains how to customize your theme and theme presets: Version 9 Sneak Peak: Theme Customization - YouTube

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I knew it was something simple but I couldn’t find it…
I need more coffee !!
Thank you…

You have right - it looks great in Elemental, but the Atomik which is based on bootstrap 5 doesn’t have these options - basically, it only has a very basic - like a color, which unfortunately doesn’t always work as expected - have you any plans to improve on these?

Thanks for the clarification there - have you had a chance to post an issue about the features / fixes you’d like to see in Github? If not I recommend making an issue here - thanks!

ok. I’ll do it if I have some time.
However, I admit in this case, based on Elemental, I assumed that you would provide a larger, if not complete (I mean something like here ), styling of the basic Atomik theme - which seems like a reasonable business solution.

I don’t know, maybe you have a plan, but it’s on the way.

I think that the greater freedom of easy customization would appeal to many people who already do something or are just getting to know ConcreteCMS and are not programmers.
Anyway. I’ll post some suggestions on Github.