edit profile issue

Knowing me and pushing it to the limit, I was experimenting with using a dash (-) in my first or last name on my profile. Once I tried to save a dash in my first name, JP with a dash, I got an error:

“Unable to save, profile flagged as spam.”

Now I seem to be able to save my first name as anything but the “JP” it originally was. Anything else will save. “JP” throws same error as when I tried to save it as JP with the dash…

@andrew @frz @Myq If my profile is flagged as spam, it’s certainly not the case :smiley:

@enlil I don’t see any issues with your account.

Possibly log in as me and try to change my first name to “JP” ?? You’ll see what I’m talkin about ?!

disregard. Oddly enough, it works now ?!