Community Store : import / export product strategy?


How do you create your product catalog in your projects ?
What are your import products strategy, especially for Product Variations ?
In your projects, do you only create all variations by hand ?
Do you have some tips ?

I know the existence of :

  • community-store-import package (but it’s old, v1 compatibility and doesn’t cover product variations)
  • community_store_api package (it’s more recent but doesn’t seem to cover product variation too)

I also wonder for export (for example to sync the product catalog between a test site and a production site).

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Hi there,

These might be questions to pose to the developer of the addon:

I’m working to update the community-store-import package. It may be a while before it is ready, but an update is long overdue.

In the interim, happy to answer any questions that I am capable of.


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