Community store - Trying to change the template for product Details Programatically

Dear All,

Greetings. I am using Concrete 5 - V 8.5.5 and installed community store add-on for ecommerce. All the product information are uploaded via automated excel and i did scripted to create the page via custom program. By default, the community store product details page works with full page template. Instead of that, i have created custom template “product details” and wants to load the product details information in the front end. Some how, the product details didn’t load correctly if am using my custom template id in the program. Here is the snippet

Custom program snippet :-

$templateID = 16; [New Template ID instead of Full page]

My Product details page contains this snippet

            $a = new Area('Main');

Kindly let me know what went wrong !! ?

This is being discussed here: Community store - Product details page - Assigning Custom template not working · Issue #625 · concrete5-community-store/community_store · GitHub

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