Compatible Themes for PHP 8.1

My webhost is migrating to PHP 8.1 and are going to completely delete the current PHP 7.4 version from their servers at the end of November 2022!

Any suggestions of a theme I can switch to, that is compatible with PHP 8.1 would be greatly appreciated. When I switch to PHP 8.1 on my current sites… they go into error and won’t load at all!!

Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated as I’m not a programmer.

My very basic analogy is… I know how to drive the car… but please don’t ask me to fix the pistons!! haha … is how I’m feeling!

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer me.


What concrete core version is your current site?

Core version is… 8.5.6 :slight_smile:

The v8 core is not php8 compatible.

You would need to update to concrete v9.1.2 for best php8.1 compatibility.

php8 compatibility with v9 is pretty good now, but occasional edge cases still crop up, so it isn’t perfect.

The route to get there very much depends on your current theme and addons installed.
If the site is not that big, it may actually be easier (as you are not a developer) to create a new v9 site and copy/paste content between them.

Interesting… Hmmm… how do I create a new v9 site without creating a new domain name?

Also, how do I update to concrete v9.1.2?

Sorry for my ignorance. But I’m genuinely in trouble!

Hi @brisseo, I htink its pretty poor form for your host to move to PHP 8 and then not support at least the last version before it. PHP 8 is still fairly new and a lot of software systems are yet ready for it.

I would be more than happy to help you move the site to another host if that helps? I actually host over 150+ site myself and would be happy to host it or find another host for you.

I can support 7.4 along with many other hosts.

Wow! Can you send me some details of your hosting plans… costs etc?

One of our business websites is a social work website that my daughter runs… she’s a qualified and accredited mental health Social Worker in Queensland, Australia. She runs an outreach program for young people between the ages of 12 and 25 and their families … who are in life challenging situations.
Understandably… We can’t have any downtime on this website!!

Most hosts allow you to setup a subdomain and point it at a different directory for the site. You would need to upload and unzip the concrete zip to the directory the subdomain points to, setup a second database and install concrete.

Then once the new (subdomain) site is running and your theme, addons and content configured and everything tested, change your main domain to point at the new site.

We have Australian based hosting we can offer (through Synergy Wholesale, we find them very reliable with excellent support). We monitor the sites we host, so you can basically leave all the technical aspect of the hosting to us.

Pretty much all the sites we host are Concrete ones (old and new), so migrating your site should be straightforward for us, with no issues with PHP version. We also can help with upgrades.

So if you’re looking for someone to migrate and host your site, feel free to drop me an email at

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@brisseo I would suggest @mesuva as a good option, we have worked together on a few projects and he is very good.

You would be in safe hands.

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Thank You. The 2 sites that need saving are already subdomains. Is that going to be more of a problem?

No. For example a site at

Working domain while rebuilding:

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