Composer create-project not working?

As of now the following commands:

composer create-project -n concretecms/composer: the_oregon_trail
composer create-project -n concretecms/composer:v1.3.0 the_oregon_trail

give me no /public/concrete folder and no /vendor/bin/concrete as it should according to GitHub - concretecms/composer: Concrete CMS Composer base.

Does this work for you? I am sure that at the beginning of march it worked as expected.

Environment is ubuntu 22.04 on metal and in a docker container, same behaviour

composer create-project -n concretecms/composer:v1.2.0 the_oregon_trail

works but will give me concrete v8.x

@andrew Hey Andrew we have a little problem :wink: I think you put the 9.2.9 Tag by mistake on the dev branch instead of the master, is this possible?

GitHub - concretecms/concretecms-core at 9.2.9 → This shows me the tree structure for dev
GitHub - concretecms/concretecms-core at 9.2.8 → This for core folder.

That lets the whole composer install crash.