Composer installation and shared hosting

I’m using a shared hosting where no composer is available on the command line… Is there a workaround for this situation… let’s say I simply download composer.phar to the webhost… Anybody here with experience in this?

Are there any disadvantages using a composer based installation locally in my developent environment (Laravel Valet) and for example rsyncing updates (the public directory) to the webspace?

When there is a new stable version of Concrete coming out do you simply execute a ‘composer update’ on your webhost with a composer based installation?

Yes, you can download and use standalone composer.phar. It’s the same stuff as you would install globally.

You can develop locally and just upload everything to server (remember to change database credentials, change any custom config values if they differ from local, clear cache folder, maybe change canonical in application/config/generated_overrides if it was previously set).

If you want to develop locally, keep in mind that some folders, like:

  • application/files
  • application/config/generated_overrides
  • some files in application/config (depends if you use .env files or specific environment files)

are “hard” to sync, since you will probably have some difference between local and live database/website (when someone is actively working with CMS).
I just put them in .gitignore.
Usually, I do not need latest database to develop stuff (as long as php/js etc. files are synced).
Worst case I would download live site to localhost and start from that.

Yes, composer update for updating , maybe something like composer -o update concrete5/core to update only Concrete with optimized flag. For major version update, it is composer -o require concrete5/core (or manually change in composer.json).

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Thank you very much! 10 years after using Concrete I really should give it a try :star_struck:

I wrote rsync the public folder but I meant my package within public /packages…