Comunity Store interface problem and customers area

hi , if you login like customer, the interface have a problem with customers tools; like screenshot.
i have tried with firefox and chrome . is impossible click in profile menù

so i not understand if is present a customer area where i can find my orders, status orders, and eventually download link for digitals items, or invoices, more other operations

and , in this way, for close login sessions, is necessary add login module, i have add it in footer, but customers should scrolling in to the page bottom

I think the issue with the account menu is a css/html conflict with your theme, Community Store, or both. Community Store doesn’t add anything to the account menu. If you want to show previous orders for a user you’ll need to install an additional addon such as

is the only theme compatible with community store, i have ask before to producer of theme it is possible using community store with another theme and the answer was is not possible.

however thank you for your tips, i’ll try the plugin indicate and try to solving the menu problem


ok i have installed orders list,

Remaining Problem with replica store theme, is not usable for mobile store,
the cart icon, on scrolling, become white in desktop version, in mobile is completely hidden.

Somebody can help me?

ok solved for cart icon, with changing model menù of auto navigator module