Concretcms 9.2.4 - page not found - cache?

concretecms 9.2.4
php 8.3.4
windows hosted on interserver

I think this has to do with the cache…

So I have a site that i’m doing for my neighborhood pool. Looks like the setting is to expire the cache every 6 hrs.

I notice that i’ll get a “Page Not found” error say after 6 hrs if i click or go to a page that isn’t the home page. I’ll wait a few minutes and then it works again.

I’m guessing the cache expired and it’s rebuilding when the first user hits it after the 6hrs.

How can I prevent this or somehow schedule this to rebuild during late hours? My hosting does have scheduled tasks similar to cron jobs, but i haven’t messed with this yet.


TBH, I just turn off all full page caching. I find it’s a pain and often conflicts with the host server’s own caching schemes. Rebuilding a page should take less than a second not several minutes like you’re experiencing. Try turning all caching off and see if your site is slow. I doubt you’ll see much difference on a site with low traffic.

Yes, you are right… low traffic site with not too much data yet. I turned the caching off and wasn’t much of a noticeable difference in loading time. Mainly blog updates, but very few right now.

If anyone does know the steps to handling this with the caching on, i’d still be interested to know what they have done.


I have a few sites on SiteGround and I have had to turn off all their caching mechanisms because I could NOT get my content changes to show up immediately nor would CSS or JS tweaks appear immediately. I had to add some code in my .htaccess file to turn it all off BUT there is still one caching function I cannot turn off so occasionally, I need to visit SiteGround and flush it manually. I’m thinking, if I change the PHP on a page, they should serve up my fresh code but that’s not how it works. Caching is the bane of my existence if I want to be an efficient developer so I turn it all off. I get it. Hosts want all caching turned on to save their resources but their solution becomes my problem.

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So i thought turning all caching off through the admin UI would work, but i think it is still doing something with caching because i visited the site and anything but the home page gave another “Page not Found”. After about a minute, it works again.

I did clear the cache after updating all the settings to off.

Since i’m using windows, i don’t think .htacess files applies here.

do i need to do something with expire pages from the cache setting?