Concrete 5 v9.0.1 - File manager takes a long time to load. Thumbnails don’t show up


Could anyone let me know what could be the possible issue here because this is not happening specifically for few of the thumbnails. None of the thumbnails are showing up.

Does anything show as an error in your browser dev console, in the console or network tabs?

No, @JohntheFish . I checked the dev console, there are no errors in console and network tabs.

Making a big guess, the slow response is a result of creating the thumbnails from the original image.

Things that could affect this:

  • Excessively large full size image
  • Lack of memory
  • External storage locations (ie, not the default)
  • Server configuration for GD or ImageMagik

Thanks @JohntheFish . I will look into these following points.