Concrete 9.0 RC3 - Rich text not working in composer

After the update I can’t find the field with the ckeditor (Rich text) in the composer of my page type. I had created a “description” attribute with the rich text option, but since the update it doesn’t display it in the composer anymore. It still prints it in the page but I can’t change the text, only if I put it in plain text.

Thanks for reporting this.

Is this a fresh install or an upgrade from an existing site?

If it’s possible to recreate this problem with a fresh install, then the best place to report this would be as a GitHub issue here:

I have already reported the issue to the github. Yes it’s while doing a migration from 8.5.5 → v9rc3. I didn’t try with a fresh install because the idea was to upgrade my 8.5.5 to v9 sites in the future.