Concrete 9.0 Release Candidate 3 Now Available

I wanted to let everyone know that a new release candidate for version 9 has now been posted. This should fix a number of bugs and make for a more stable experience.

Please continue to use GitHub to report issues, and practice upgrading your existing sites. Your reports are really, really helping make this very large release as stable as possible.

You can expect another release candidate in the coming weeks with more bug fixes (along with a few other surprises, as well.)


I downloaded the .zip from git and downloaded the version from the downloads page. The git version has everything packed in a "concrete5-9.0.0RC3 folder. the download page version is concrete-cms-9.0.0RC3. Any chance of problems ??

Edit: Uploading BOTH folders to see what the dashboard says/does atm… I guess my concern is, What is the proper naming conventions for inside the updates folder ??

Looks like all the download page versions have come packaged in “concrete-cms-” folders. RC3 is the first git release I’ve looked at so I can’t comment if they’re all “concrete5-” or not…

The version in the downloads page goes through some preparation before being uploaded there.

Are you running into any problems with the GitHub version?

My main concern was with doing an update. In the past, the updates folder would have subfolders like “concrete5-8.5.5”. With the release of rc3, the core started coming in a folder named “concrete-cms”, and therefore the updates sub-folder would be named “concrete-cms-9.0.0RC3”. After testing many times it appears as though Concrete knows that two different folders could hold the 9.0.0RC3 update, and updates seem to work just fine!