Concrete 9.2.4 captcha v3 error on iOS

Just wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue developing with 9.2.4?
I am using the standard Captcha Setup and reCaptcha v3.

I am using an express form as a contact form. Everything runs as expected with captcha active, submissions work fine from desktop pc but if trying to submit from mobile receive ‘Incorrect captcha code’ on submission, all mobile submissions appear to be marked as spam, I have tried different iOS browsers and multiple devices on cellular and wifi.

Has anyone had a similar experience or any insight into how I might be able to resolve this? I have recreated the Captcha codes and recreated the Express form with no noticeable difference.

That’s strange - have you tried different mobile devices? Sometimes if you have browser addons or ad blockers it can tweak ReCaptcha.

You can also try something like browserstack to test mobile devices and see if its widespread.