Concrete 9 Unable to upload files larger than 256MB

I’ve recently upgraded an existing Concrete site from 8.7 to 9 on a server running PHP 7.4. I manage the site for a client who would like to log into the file manager and upload video files to display on his site. I’ve attempted to upload a video file thats approximately 350MB and I get an error that says it exceeds the maximum file size of 256MB.

I’ve read on older posts that a fix for this is to edit your php.ini file to allow for larger file sizes. My php.ini file before did not specifiy a file size limit and after making the limit 512MB I still get the same error. I’ve confirmed with a phpinfo file the new php.ini is in place. When I click on Advanced Options at the top of the file manager I also get a message that says server error. Any suggestions?


Have you looked at the environment info in Dashboard?
Check that the maximimum post size is larger than the maximimum file size.

I would also recommend that your client look at something like Movavi Video Converter (free) which can reduce the file size of the videos for use on the web site.
We use this for our clients.
Screenshot 2021-11-14 090753

I set that higher as well when I edited the php.ini, and it’s showing both in the environment info.


I have tested your scenario and have confirmed that there appears to be a limit of 256mb.


I appreciate you checking your installation for the same issue.

Is this a bug or an intentional limit? I don’t see anywhere that references a 256MB file limit. Our concern with compressing the videos is quality loss and it’s an extra hassle for my client who isn’t as tech-savvy.

Searching the v9 source, maxFilesize=256 appears to be compiled into the Bedrock infrastructure.

You may be able to get round that by using FTP to upload to /application/files/incoming/, then using the import option in the file manager.

If you think this needs to be configurable, you should open an issue on GitHub.

Did you get that working? I have the same situation.
Server can handle 512M for maximum file size. But concrete seems to limit this on 256M somewhere…